Why People Want Karaoke Downloads

People love to become famous by various means. Some would like music others business some through inventions and others through education and so on. Becoming famous is everyone's dream and no one is contented with what they are. We always like to go a step or two further in success. That's the human nature and it can't be controlled.

Whatever the success story of any individual is, music is definitely included to a large extent. Without music there is no life, exactly. this is the fact. No one can live without music. Music in some form, either gospel or classic, rock or pop, reggae or hip hop. Music is nectar to the heart and a feast to the ears.
With the fast development in the internet world, music has become very easy to access. Downloading music is free in certain websites. All we have to do is log on to the particular site and download the music of our favorite singers. You can enjoy a fun filled evening with free downloaded music.

You can create a free karaoke home entertainment right in your home to entertain your friends with the kind of music best suited to the occasion. Online karaoke can be real fun where you are free to move around not worrying about the DVD player and the CDs that you have brought along that could be misplaced. Just a PC or a laptop will do the job of any player.

Karaoke downloads play a major role these days. They are easily accessible and they come free. Another superb benefit is that you can sing along with the downloaded music; see the lyrics appear on the screen as you sing along enjoying the music of your favorite rock star or gospel star.

Did you know that decent karaoke software lets you play the music you already own. After all why would you want to pay for the same music twice? I have purchased and reviewed all the different karaoke systems available on the market.

Downloading free karaoke is like downloading ultrakey free download for typing purposes. One has to log onto the particular website and browse alphabetically for a song or by the author if you are specific about something. Or else you can always get the top ten songs or the top ten artists that flash on the screen as you visit the site.

With the spread of internet virus the question whether downloads could be safe would arise. Music downloads must be taken only from selected sites that are authentic and then it is hundred percent safe except that your computer software and the application software or hardware are not virus infected.

The downloaded karaoke songs have the same clarity and quality that you get from a regular CD or DVD. There is no difference from the original recording and the downloaded version. You can download karaoke music right into your mobile and enjoy the music wherever you are. This sounds really interesting isn't it?

How to Download Free Karaoke Songs Online

It's great to get yourself a karaoke machine but what about the things that you need to go with it? For instance, don't forget about the music! When you first get involved with karaoke, you just can't get enough of it. It doesn't matter what the music type available to you you're going to buy it. After a few days of this karaoke frenzy, you begin to settle down a bit especially when the pocket book isn't singing.

If you are new to karaoke, you may not be aware of what's available to you by the way of freebies, referring to the internet. Karaoke has become such a hot venue that many sites are offering free download music. This is the perfect scenario for you. Now you can get back to the music that you love the most, and not just buying whatever's on sale.

Benefits and Uses of Karaoke Songs

Downloading karaoke songs become so popular that several sites offer karaoke free download. Several songs from different artists are free to download mostly in kar and midi file type. There are several types of karaoke songs are available to download online. Most popular is the cdg type followed by mpeg and vob type. Vob file type is mostly used in dvd karaoke. Cdg, mpeg and dvd karaoke are not available for free. They need payment and the can be bought as a physical products such as cdg disc, compact disc, and dvd disc. Kar and midi file type are commonly available online for free because of its smaller size that can be download easily and can be played in personal computer.

The origin of karaoke songs and why many wants to download it for free

Karaoke was reportedly originated in Japan but there are others who claimed that it comes from South East Asian countries such as Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia. These are songs loving nation. It's difficult to identify who was the first invented it but record shows that a man from Japan was the first. The popularity of karaoke was spreading across other Asian countries, to Europe, and now its popularity boom in America. Most young Americans knew and are fun now in singing karaoke songs.

How To Create A Slideshow Of Your Pictures And Make It A Background Of Your Karaoke Song

One of the simplest steps to create a karaoke song with your pictures as a background is to create first a slideshow of your pictures. Here I have enumerated the simplest steps to create a slideshow of your pictures.
  1. Open the Photostage Slideshow software as seen below.

    If you don't have this software yet, download the free copy from here. Then install it.

  2. Here's the display after you open it.
  3. Click the "Add Photos and Media Files" button to add pictures.
  4. The window below will be displayed after you click the "Add Photos and Media Files" button. Go to the folder where your pictures is located. In my case, the pictures I used is located at "My Pictures" folder.
  5. Here's the display after I went to "My Pictures" folder.
  6. Simultaneously press the Control key and click each picture you want to be added in a slideshow. The selected pictures will be highlighted as shown below. Then click Open button to add the pictures to the application.
  7. The selected pictures are now added to the application.
  8. Click the first picture. It will be highlighted afterwards as seen below.
  9. Simultaneously press the Shift key and click the last picture. This is the process of selecting all pictures in the application. See, the pictures are all highlighted below. Then click the "Add to show" button.
  10. The pictures will all be added to the timeline as shown below. Click the "Save Slideshow" button.
  11. The default Video Output Setup window will be displayed. Click the "Computer / Data" icon as shown below.
  12. The display would be like below.
  13. Click the arrow down in Preset combobox then select TV NTSC.
  14. In File Format, select .mpg format.
  15. The display would be like below.
  16. Change the file name to any slideshow filename you want.
  17. In my case, I use the "TaylorSwift" filename since these are the pictures of Taylor Swift. Now we are going to set the encoding type. Click Encoder Options... button.
  18. The "MPEG Encoding Setting" window will be displayed. Click the "arrow down" of the "Compressor" combobox as shown below.
  19. Select "MPEG1 (VCD Standard, low bit rate)".
  20. The display should be like below. Click the Ok button to finalize the encoding settings.
  21. The display should be like below. Click the Create button to start creating the slideshow.
  22. The display would be like below signifying that the process of creating slideshow is in progress.
  23. After the slideshow is done, the window below will be displayed. Click Open folder... button to go to the location of the newly created slideshow.
  24. In this case, the newly created slideshow is found at My Documents folder. The filename is TaylorSwift.mpg.
  25. Now, use your newly created slideshow as a background to your karaoke song. Follow these steps to create karaoke video easily.

How To Create Karaoke Video Easily

Having your own karaoke video with your photos or video as background is an honor. You make yourself a model. But how could you make your own karaoke video easily? I have listed steps to create karaoke video easily.
  1. Use Sony Vegas 7.0 to create karaoke video.

    This is the common software use in creating karaoke video commercially. Sony corporation has given its links to download this software. Here are the links where you can download its intaller:
    In case you run into a problem where you lost you serial key, there is a site that offers a solution for it for free. You can get the serial key here.
  2. Use the ready and already-made sony vegas karaoke project.

    This is the most time saving technique where you can create karaoke video easily. You can download it from here for free. It is a zipped file. Be sure to extract it to c:\videokaraoke\ folder on your computer. In this case, I am downloading the "Lover's Moon" karaoke project file.
  3. Run the Sony Vegas 7.0 Application

      There are two ways to run Sony Vegas 7.0

    • Click Start -> All Programs -> Sony -> Vegas
      Open from start menu -> all programs -> Sony Vegas 7.0
    • Click Vegas icon on Desktop.
      Click sony vegas menu on desktop
    • This is what it looks like when Sony Vegas is loading.
    • This is what it looks like when fully loaded.
  4. Open the karaoke project file from c:\videokaraoke directory.

    In this case we are using the "Lover's Moon.veg" project file.
    • Click File -> Open as shown below.
    • An Open Dialog window will appear. Select C:\videokaraoke folder as shown below.
    • Select "Lover's Moon.veg" and click open.
    • It is shown below when "Lover's Moon.veg" project file is opened.
  5. Set the background photos or video.

    Setting background photos and setting background video has the same steps. If you want a background photos, it's better to create a slideshow of your photos first. This will ensure much easier work. Follow these steps to create a slideshow of your photos and and use it as a background of your karaoke song.

    • Open the folder where you place your photos or video. In this case, the video was placed in "\My Documents\My Vidoes" folder as shown below. It is a clip from Iron Sky Movie.
    • Drag the "Iron Sky 2012.mpg" clip to sony vegas application as shown below.
    • The photo below shows when you successfully add the video or photos to the project file on sony vegas.
    • Remove the unnecessary audio track from the video. See photo below. It is done by right clicking the audio track of the background video and click "Delete Track" from the menu.
    • When successful, the audio track will be removed as shown below.
    • Click and hold the video and drag it to the blank track above as shown on the photo below.
    • When successful, the video will be transferred as shown below.
    • Delete the unnecessary track as shown below.
    • Align the video next to the title of the song. This will be done by "click and hold" the left edge of the video then drag it next to the title of the song. See photo below.
    • When successful, the video will be aligned as shown below.
    • Hover the mouse pointer over the right edge of the video until the pointer turn to . Click and hold then drag to the left until it will be same length with the audio track.
    • When successful, the video will be aligned as shown below.
  6. Save Your Karaoke and Play!

    • Click File -> Render As
    • Render As dialog window will appear. Select "MainConcept MPEG-1(*.mpg)" as shown below.
    • Click Save to save your karaoke as shown below. You karaoke will be saved at c:\videokaraoke folder.
    • The photo below shows that your karaoke video has been processes!
    • After rendering, the new karaoke video can be found at c:\videokaraoke folder as shown below.
    • Let's play it!