Forbidden Love - Madonna karaoke download

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Forbidden Love - Madonna

I don’t, don’t care if it’s not right
To have your arms around me
I want, to feel what it’s like
Take all of you inside of me

In your eyes (in your eyes)
Forbidden Love
In your smile (in your smile)
Forbidden Love
In your kiss (in your kiss),
Forbidden Love
If I had one wish,
Love would feel like this (Love would feel like this)

I know, that you’re no good for me
That’s why I feel I must confess
What’s wrong, is why it feels so right
I want to feel your sweet caress


If I only had one wish,
Love would always feel like this
Wishin’ on the stars above,
Forbidden Love

If I only had one dream,
This would be more than it seems.
Forbidden Love (forbidden Love)

Rejection, is the greatest aphrodisiac (whispered)

Chorus (2x)

Love should always feel like this
Heaven forgive me, never forbid me
Love should always feel like this

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