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214 - Rivermaya

Am I real?
Do the words I speak before you
Make you feel
That the love I have for you
Will see no ending?

Well, if you look into my eyes
Then you should know
That you have nothing here to doubt
Nothing to fear
And you can lay your questions down
‘Cause if you’ll hold me
We can fade into the night
And you’ll know

The world could die
And everything may lie
Still you shouldn’t cry
‘Cause time may pass
But longer than it’ll last
I’ll be by your side

Take my hand
And gently close your eyes
So you could understand
That there’s no greater love tonight
Than what I’ve for you
Well, if you feel the same way for me
Then let go

We can journey to a garden no one knows
Life is short, my darling
Tell me that you love me
So we can fade into the night
And you’ll know

The world could die
And everything may lie
But you won’t cry
‘Cause time may pass
And everything won’t last
But I’ll be by your side
Forever by your side
So you won’t cry

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