Hold On - Side A karaoke download

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Hold On - Side A

Yes, it’s you …
You’re the one in my life I’ve known
From the start that it’s you I’d spend forever with
So please hold on with me…

You know so well that we can’t last a day
Without each other
You’re all I have and I’m all that’s there
To keep you goin’


Hold on, just keep on holdin’ on
It may not be for long…
Just keep on holdin’ on with me…

Repeat Chorus

Funny how we both try to show
That we don’t really care
But deep inside the thing that matters
Is to have you by my side

Let the tears roll down, that’s okay because
Tomorrow no one’s goin’ away
Just let this be and hold on with me
Hold on with me

Repeat Chorus 4x

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