Summer - Sum 41 karaoke download

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Summer - Sum 41

It’s far beyond your reach, it holds a place in time,
Somewhere ahead is the back of the line.
I can’t relate to your mistakes, awkwardly speaking with nothing to say.

Caught up in your life, excuses are so lame,
You may be different but I’m still the same.
The reasons that you thought, the intention that you caught,
You say things are simple we both know they’re not.
You can’t let it go,


You can’t but I know.

Whoa, Whoa you don’t even know.


It’s not in what you do, more in what you say.

A million questions asked, the remnants of the past.
You’ve always been denied, but always by your side.
I’ve always tried to, to understand you,
the worlds not learning from you.

Whoa. Whoa.


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