How To Create Karaoke Video Easily

Having your own karaoke video with your photos or video as background is an honor. You make yourself a model. But how could you make your own karaoke video easily? I have listed steps to create karaoke video easily.

  1. Use Sony Vegas 7.0 to create karaoke video.

    This is the common software use in creating karaoke video commercially. Sony corporation has given its links to download this software. Here are the links where you can download its intaller:
    In case you run into a problem where you lost you serial key, there is a site that offers a solution for it for free. You can get the serial key here.
  2. Use the ready and already-made sony vegas karaoke project.

    This is the most time saving technique where you can create karaoke video easily. You can download it from here for free. It is a zipped file. Be sure to extract it to c:\videokaraoke\ folder on your computer. In this case, I am downloading the "Lover's Moon" karaoke project file.
  3. Run the Sony Vegas 7.0 Application

      There are two ways to run Sony Vegas 7.0

    • Click Start -> All Programs -> Sony -> Vegas
      Open from start menu -> all programs -> Sony Vegas 7.0
    • Click Vegas icon on Desktop.
      Click sony vegas menu on desktop
    • This is what it looks like when Sony Vegas is loading.
    • This is what it looks like when fully loaded.
  4. Open the karaoke project file from c:\videokaraoke directory.

    In this case we are using the "Lover's Moon.veg" project file.
    • Click File -> Open as shown below.
    • An Open Dialog window will appear. Select C:\videokaraoke folder as shown below.
    • Select "Lover's Moon.veg" and click open.
    • It is shown below when "Lover's Moon.veg" project file is opened.
  5. Set the background photos or video.

    Setting background photos and setting background video has the same steps. If you want a background photos, it's better to create a slideshow of your photos first. This will ensure much easier work. Follow these steps to create a slideshow of your photos and and use it as a background of your karaoke song.

    • Open the folder where you place your photos or video. In this case, the video was placed in "\My Documents\My Vidoes" folder as shown below. It is a clip from Iron Sky Movie.
    • Drag the "Iron Sky 2012.mpg" clip to sony vegas application as shown below.
    • The photo below shows when you successfully add the video or photos to the project file on sony vegas.
    • Remove the unnecessary audio track from the video. See photo below. It is done by right clicking the audio track of the background video and click "Delete Track" from the menu.
    • When successful, the audio track will be removed as shown below.
    • Click and hold the video and drag it to the blank track above as shown on the photo below.
    • When successful, the video will be transferred as shown below.
    • Delete the unnecessary track as shown below.
    • Align the video next to the title of the song. This will be done by "click and hold" the left edge of the video then drag it next to the title of the song. See photo below.
    • When successful, the video will be aligned as shown below.
    • Hover the mouse pointer over the right edge of the video until the pointer turn to . Click and hold then drag to the left until it will be same length with the audio track.
    • When successful, the video will be aligned as shown below.
  6. Save Your Karaoke and Play!

    • Click File -> Render As
    • Render As dialog window will appear. Select "MainConcept MPEG-1(*.mpg)" as shown below.
    • Click Save to save your karaoke as shown below. You karaoke will be saved at c:\videokaraoke folder.
    • The photo below shows that your karaoke video has been processes!
    • After rendering, the new karaoke video can be found at c:\videokaraoke folder as shown below.
    • Let's play it!